Mar 30

‘Visita Iglesia’ Ideas

“Visita Iglesia” or the custom of Church Visit in the Philippines is the Catholic ritual of praying the 14 Stations of the Cross in seven diverse churches in the course of Holy Week. In the period of pre-war in the country, Visita Iglesia was completed in the seven churches Intramuros, a historical place in the country. Upon warfare and earthquakes demolished five of the seven earliest churches, it has been up to standard to deliver the prayers in more churches.

If you are arranging to do your “Visita Iglesia” in the interior Manila this approaching Holy Week, you may perhaps want to place these five historical and beautiful churches in your travel plan.


1. Intramuros – San Agustin Church

At the same time during the course of repair, there is no refuting the splendor of San Agustin Church. Established in the year 1571, this ancient stone church as well as the Wedding Center of the Philippines is portion of the seven churches within the vicinity of Intramuros, where the Visita Iglesia of the locals first began.

In the year 1993, UNESCO proclaimedt San Agustin Chuch to be a World Heritage Spot –a feat for an elaborate building that endured centuries of war and calamities.


22. Binondo – Minor Basilica of St. Lorenzo Ruiz

More generally recognized as the Binondo Church, this grand structure was established by the Dominicans in the year 1596, to work for the Chinese citizens who transformed to Catholicism. This religious structure gets its designation from first Filipino saint, St. Lorenzo Ruiz, a previous altar boy.



33. Sta. Cruz – Sta. Cruz Parish

Similar to the close Binondo Church, the parish of Sta. Cruz was likewise built to serve the Chinese Catholics living in the area of Binondo. The first church erected in 1608 was demolished for the period of the World War 2. The current peach-colored, structure based on the European style was created in 1957.



44. Quiapo – Minor Basilica of the Black Nazarene

Celebrated as the abode of the known-to-be amazing and miracle-doing Black Nazarene, the church in Quiapo has an extensive history of earthquakes attacks and conflagrations from the time when the first memorial in 1586. On the other hand the church persevered and presently stands in its cream and white magnificence in the midst of the eventful and vibrant Quiapo District.




5. Claro M. Recto St – Basilica of San Sebastian

San Sebastian Church is a lovely structure forming the Neo-Gothic construction customary in England. It is the single church in Asia that is made of all-steel materials. In accordance to Ambeth de Ocampo, a historian in the country, Gustav Eiffel–the creator of the renowned Eiffel Tower—may perhaps have been concerned in structuring San Sebastian Chapel. It is currently portion of the Philippine National Historical Landmarks.


Mar 08

Oldest Churches in Southeast Asia

churchBeaches and clubs may sound very entertaining when we talk about destinations. But did you know that visiting old churches and knowing its history is one of the ways to add oomph to your travel? Studies show that knowing a church’s history can help you understand the belief and culture of the people in the area. It can also help you see their rich past and the way their religion has shaped them. Aside from that, taking a peep into some of the oldest churches in different countries sort of transform you into another era that’ll leave you marveling on the beauty of their culture.

Church of Immaculate Conception of Bangkok – Dubbed to be the oldest Catholic church in Thailand, the Church of Immaculate Conception of Bangkok was first built in 1674 by Portuguese residents and was named as such by Bishop Lano. It was built during the Ayuthaya era, which was ruled by King Narai the Great in order for the missionaries to continue their activities and to have a good place where they can settle to spread the faith. The church’s simple yet elegant design made it as one of the simplest-looking oldest churches in Asia church but its long history of refugees taking shelter in its now-ruins made it special for their surviving families.

Barasoain Church – The Barasoain Church is one of the oldest churches in Malolos, Bulacan having built in 1630, this church had witnessed aplenty of historical events in the country. It is the very spot where the convening of the very first Philippine Republic, the drafting of the Malolos constitution, and the first wave of the first Philippine flag all happened here. This church has witnessed the madness in the first Philippine Revolution and was actually damaged during the said tragic event. Nevertheless, its regal architecture, immaculate design, and adornments made it even more popular in Asia.

Daqin Pagoda – This is a Buddhist pagoda situated in Shaanxi Province in China and it was used to be claimed as the Nestorian church from Tang dynasty. It was first built in 960 by Nestorian missionaries. However, remnants showed that the spot could have been originally a Catholic church because of the Nativity drawings in its body and other artworks that depicted the story of Jonah in Nineveh.

Basilica de Santo Niño in Cebu – Cebu, Philippines is one of the oldest cities in the said country and it holds some of the most stories about miraculous Virgin Mary and baby Jesus in the entire country. It was first built in the 1500’s in honor of the black Holy Child brought by Spanish conquerors in the island. When they started their journey back to Spain, they left the Holy Child in the country, and when they came back for it, they couldn’t find it anymore. War broke out several months after that and the entire Cebu was left with ashes except a small hut where the black Holy Child was found.


Jan 30

The Start of Different Churches and Religion


Christians all over the world believe in one God; however, the only difference is that they believe in different way. This was the start on the growth of different churches and religions all over the world. Before the coming of Christ, people in this planet were considered as Pagans; and these were those people who worship the trees, animals and stones because they believe that those things were gods.

But in the long run of history, Spaniards were among the people who started to spread Christianity in the form of the Roman Catholic religion. By then, people were aware that there is God and saints and they started worshiping them. Roman Catholic nowadays has the most number of members when it comes to its believers. However, this did not control the start of other religions wherein they called protestant. These people are those believers who opposed to what has been believed by the Catholics.

With their own belief, they started to have their own religion through Martin Luther, the King. This was called the Protestant as a way of protesting the belief of the Roman Catholic and which they insist that most of these beliefs were wrong. However, this was not the end of the growth of different religions. Nowadays, there are still lots of religions prevailing that what they believe is right and that they insist to make their own churches for their worship place.

Here are also other reasons why different churches and religions prevail nowadays.

  1. They believe they are the right believer. Since most of them have their own study of the Bible, they also get their own interpretation from it. Through their own point of view, they already believe that what they believe in is right and other religions were wrong. With this instance, they started to make their own church and hold their own religion where they also gather people to be part of their group.
  2. They make money from churches. Some people are also making money out from religions. There are now people who build their own church and make believe those innocent minds that they are right with what they are preaching. Thus, they gather these individuals to be part of their group in order to earn money through the money of the people who decided to be the member of the church and religion.


Nov 06

Christian Weddings in Church

Wondering what are the principles of marriage in which the Church try to teach us and how do we attain these ideals? Answering these questions will require more time and cannot be thoroughly explained in one setting. It cannot be fully grasped in a matter of minutes and a few paragraphs, however, this article will give you an overview because there a certain ideas that must be set forth.

In a nutshell, Christian marriage is the union of two Christians – a man and a woman who has faith in God and is therefore acknowledging the Christ Jesus as their Lord and Savior, worships him, live by the sacraments and believe in the fellowship of Jesus’ Church.

In a Christian Wedding, it is important that both man and woman are baptized under the Church. When two baptized individuals decide to love each other and live as each other’s companion for the rest of their lives, that is when the sacrament of holy matrimony happens even without a priest or a church. The church ceremony, ministered by the priest to both the man and woman, channels the grace to makes sure that the exchange of vows takes place in order for them to live their lives within the sacrament of the holy matrimony. Of course, any Christian marriage should be conducted by a priest.

Is it a requirement for all Christians to get married? Because God has granted individuals the privilege of making their own decisions, there is no requirement or need for procreation. Although God has granted both genders a very strong attraction to each other in order for the race to continue, that is not the entire picture. There will always be a longing for an another half, the feeling of affection and the need for companionship. This can only be addressed by the union brought by marriage, but of course that reasoning alone isn’t enough. Two Christians must engage into a married life because in one way or another they feel that they are already one person and feel that they can serve God better with each other’s help rather than doing it on their own. Marriage is a calling, it is finding salvation in a way that cannot be thoroughly explained – it can only be felt. Marriage is God’s will. Just like when one is being called to be a priest/nun or to live a single life or enter in a certain career.

Of course, it is always ideal to look your best in your wedding day. There are lot of wedding dresses (here) to choose from at Bridesire and for the men, wearing a tuxedo in marking your special day will make a big difference. This is a ceremony to be remembered that is why most Christians would prepare greatly for this once-in-a-lifetime event.


Oct 16

Sexuality in the Context of Religion and Society

Sexuality is a hot topic today. There are so many books being published that tackle about sexuality and how it directly affect an individual in the society and religion. Indeed, the topic about sexuality and religion is still one of the favourite topics being discussed in debates nowadays.

Enable to make a stand on the exact definition and scope of sexuality, one should be fully aware what a sexual intercourse is. If we consider adding the topic sexual intercourse about sexuality, majority thinks that sexual intercourse is just limited to the act of love making. But if you will explore it in a deeper context, you will understand that sexual intercourse is all about sexual preference related to the physical and psychological aspect of man.

According to studies, almost 80% of anal penetration is being considered as sexual relationship while almost 40% of sex being performed orally is not considered a relationship. Therefore, if sexuality is all about sex and being homosexual involves a lot of oral sex, then it is not considered a relationship. Thus, there might be some issues when we speak of sexuality.

The Sexuality and Religion

We know for a fact that religion has an enormous impact in our lives. Our religion defines what should we act morally and even our sexual preference. If we will base it in the bible, sexual act is being done by couples under the context of marriage because sex is a sacred act granted to married individuals. Therefore, any other sexual act being done outside the context of marriage is an immoral act. So it is not a question why homosexuality, contraception, and premarital sex are not pleasurable in the eyes of the church and it is considered an immoral act. Being in a religious group is a choice. Therefore, you also have the responsibility to follow whatever teachings the church imposes because it is not for them but for your sake.

The Sexuality and Society

Our society today is exceptionally dynamic. Change is fast, and indeed people are also adopting to change almost every day. Norms being shared by people in the society are being refined in a way that it could fit today’s life. If you are behaving outside the established norms, you are considered deviant, and the community has the right to decline you because of the violation you have made. Homosexuality in the society is not a deviant act nowadays. Sexuality is an option entitled to people together with their birth rights. For as long as the sexual preference does not affect the rights of other individuals, the society tolerates this and tries to give equal treatment to deviant individuals. Indeed, there are a lot of homosexual individuals who holds powerful positions in the society nowadays.