How to Organize a Charity Event

Properly organised charity events can create a lot of exposure for your chosen charity as well as raise considerable funds. A fund raising event such as a charity ball or dinner should also be an entertaining and memorable occasion for all involved.

Where to Begin

Firstly, contact your chosen charity and ask them for any support material they might have such as posters and flyers which will help with your initial advertising. The charity might also be able to help you develop your ideas and themes for the event, in keeping with their aspirations and image. Your theme should also be mindful of the venue in which it is to be held and the guests who will attend.

Choose a date for the event with plenty of time to organise and prepare. The time of year might also have some bearing on the theme of the event.

Organising an event alone is an extremely difficult task so it is a good idea to have a team of helpers, preferably with different job roles. Delegating tasks to others should ensure that all the organisation and planning runs to schedule and all eventualities are covered.


Having a thorough plan will ensure that all costs are covered and that the event will generate a reasonable donation for your chosen charity. Costs to keep in mind include discount party supplies, room hire, table decoration, entertainment and catering as well as anything else specific to your event. If you have chosen to have a themed party, costs incurred might be higher if special props and decoration are needed. Compile a list of all expenses needed to stage the event and then develop ways and means of creating funds and getting people to donate to the cause. Promotion is key here; speak to the local paper and radio station and start spreading the word!

The easiest way to generate cash is to sell tickets for the event. Additional donations can be generated at the actual party via various means. The more creative the idea, the more successful and fruitful the results. Auctions are a popular choice and provide entertainment at the same time. Applying to local businesses and stores for donations is one way to provide items for auction and also presents them with advertising and links them to a good cause.

The Event

The event can be as extravagant or low-key as you desire but remember to cover all costs in order to ensure you meet your objectives. Also be aware of all legal issues and constraints before you invite any guests into the venue. Gambling is not allowed unless you have a suitable gaming licence nor is selling alcohol without a licence. If your venue does not have a licence to sell alcohol, serve soft drinks and hot beverages at a small cost. In addition, if you are serving food, be sure to hire reputable caterers.

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