Medicines for Controlling High Blood Pressure

There are various blood pressure medicines that work in different ways to lower blood pressure. Some medicine removes the excess salt and fluid from your body to lower your blood pressure. Some slow down your heartbeat or relax and widen your blood vessels. And sometimes, taking more than one medicine is better. Apart from taking regular medication, it is important to have a monitor like Omron BP785 for regular monitoring.

Types of Medicine for High Blood Pressure

Diuretics – commonly called “Water Pills”. This medicine removes the excess salt and fluid from your body and helps your kidneys. Your blood pressure will go down if you reduce salt and fluid in your blood. Diuretics has many types.Beta Blockers – is the blood pressure medicine that will make your heartbeat slower and with lesser force. Lesser blood will pump through your vessels and as a result your blood pressure will go down.

Angiotensin Converting Enzyme (ACE) Inhibitors – This will help you to keep your body from making more hormones which is Angiotensin II, which narrows your vessels. This will help to prevent your vessels from narrowing.Angiotensin II Receptor Blockers (ARBS) – This medicine will helps you to secure your vessels from Angiotensin II. It will make your blood pressure go down by making your vessels become wider and relax.

Calcium Channel Blockers (CCBs) – Calcium will be blocked from entering into your muscle cells of your blood vessels and heart. Your blood pressure will go down as it will also relax your vessels.Vasodilators – It will relax your muscle in vessel walls by opening your blood vessels, which also lower your blood pressure.

Other Commonly Used Medications

Alpha Blockers – It will keep your blood vessels from narrowing by reducing the nerve impulses, and blood will go through it easily.Alpha-Beta Blockers – It will also keep your blood vessel from narrowing by reducing nerve impulses, but as beta blockers, it will also reduce the pump of your heartbeat.

Nervous System Inhibitors – By controlling the nerve impulses from your brain, it will helps you to relax your blood vessels which will cause it to become wider and a result of blood pressure going down.As you start this blood pressure medicine treatment

After you start taking medicine and your blood still remains at 140/90 mmHG or higher, Ask your doctor about it and he may let you try another medicine until you have a good result. Every medication has its side effects so always ask your doctor or healthcare provider about it, and always follow (don’t change any of it) what your doctor says. Taking your medicine at the same time each day is also important.Few tips to make your blood pressure go down easily

Always think and link it with something that you do in your daily life, example is every morning you brush your teeth.

If taking your medicine with food is what your doctor tells you to do, then try taking it everyday in your meal.

You can also remember it by writing the blood pressure treatment and putting it on your refrigerator, cabinet, bathroom mirror or even phone. It can get your attention by using different colors, changing the message, or moving it in different place.

When you take your drugs, write it down in your calendar. Place your calendar in the place you can easily see. If you use many types of blood pressure medicine, you can use colored pens.

To keep your blood pressure medicine pills organized, you can use a pillbox which can be found at almost every pharmacies and drugstores.

Asking your friends or family for a support is also nice. If you know some who also take something like your medicine or you do the same treatment as yours, you can both help each other by reminding each other.

You can also put a picture of your beloved someone with a message says, ” Take your High Blood Pressure Medicine”.

After you brush your teeth, take your medicine for high blood pressure, so always keep it near in your toothbrush.

Ask your relative or friend to call your answering machine and it will remind you that you should take your medicine for blood pressure and never erase the message from your answering machine.

If you have voice mail service, you can also remind yourself by recording and the company’s service can automatically call you at the same time each day.

If you have smartphone, you can send reminders with application or texting service.

Make a note on your calendar when to order again and refill your prescription before you run out of medicine. One missed day of medicine may make a difference when treating your high blood pressure.

Follow these steps and you will surely control your high blood pressure medicine and it will be easier for you to make things up.

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