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Value of a Digital Transcription Training Internship

The following was supplied by Med Workshops and we appreciate their input on digital transcription internships. We hope you learn something to help you understand this issue and whether or not you should pursue internship yourself. Med Workshops does provide internships to all their students. Here is the body of the email we received from them- we removed enrollment or pricing information. If you want more information go to www.medworkshops.com . To help the reader, you can also see about internships at Med Line and Meditec. Here is a very helpful digital transcription school review site which lists tuition fees for schools offering internships.

The Value of Doing a Digital Transcription Training Internship

Internships provide an opportunity to experiment and pursue a career that matches your training and personal interests.

What Are The Benefits Doing an Internship?

There are many benefits to completing an internship including the opportunity to experience new skills which match your training, the development of strong teamwork traits, a chance to develop professional networks while enjoying your education, etc.

Most importantly, internships help students become viable, experienced job applicants when seeking employment after graduation. In fact, many employers consider internship as experience in the hiring process and will often employ their own interns as the best fit for full-time positions.

The Education Value Of An Internship

Internship provides the student with the chance to apply and consider facts learned during study. Education experts know that application and reflection is when true learning takes place. Students move from fact-based training to true understanding. A solid framework is built from which the student can draw confidence.

There Are Many Extra Benefits To An Internship

Internships offer students the chance to gain real-world experience. They can also begin to build a professional network from those who can speak to the value of their contributions and act as references. Internship also provides the very best opportunity to gain immediate employment. Real-world experience is one of the main things employers look for when hiring. This experience cannot be obtained by reading about the field you are interested in during class. To gain these skills and apply them, students must do internships.

Imagine what it would be like to learn to ride a bicycle simply by reading about it and watching films of people riding. One can gain a conceptual understanding this way but it’s not until one actually gets on the bike and attempts to ride that success is realized.

The Value of Completing an Internship Prior to a Job Search

Internships are almost mandatory for job search success, regardless of industry or profession. Without internship experience, you’re seen as a risk to companies that are looking to hire graduates that have already put their education to use. Getting your first internship will be the most challenging, because employers will be looking for a school recommendation.

Training Adds Specialization to the Digital Transcription Service

The transcription training is what prepares you for the job ahead. Since the digital transcription service does not have any stringent prerequisites, it is believed that the profession is an easy one. The truth is that not every Tom, Dick, or Harry can handle it. One needs a certain aptitude to become a transcriptionist. And it is what one learns in the training that prepares him for the specialized profession transcription is.

Let me take you through all that the training offers:

The training teaches you the basics of medicine, not enough to practice medicine but enough to understand medical records. It familiarizes you with medical terms. It gives you an overview of subjects like Anatomy and Physiology. You learn about diseases and treatments. The course also familiarizes you with medicine names.

The training introduces you to medico-legal terms. It introduces you to the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). As a transcriptionist, you have to adhere to the guidelines laid down by HIPAA to ensure security and confidentiality of medical information.

The training imparts research and transcription skills. You learn how to use external reference materials to create an accurate and complete medical record.

The transcription training gives you a hands-on-experience of work by making you practice with some real dictations. Make sure you choose a course with a high number of dictation hours.

The course also brushes up your English grammar and your computer skills. Essentially, a course helps develop all the skills you will need for the transcription job.

Why Home-Based Digital Transcription Service May Not Work For You

Home-based digital transcription service is about flexibility, comfort, and good money. But it might still not work for you if you are not up to its challenges. Let me give you five reasons the profession may not be not for you:

You have decided on home-based work because you want to give your domestic responsibilities priority. It does not work like that. A job is a job, whether you do it from an office or home. You have to meet deadlines and quality stands on a regular basis. You cannot do justice to your work if you are going to prioritize your home chores over work.

You are easily distracted. If the television, the phone, a conversation, chores call out to you all the time, you have chosen the wrong job. Home will provide you comfort but you cannot afford to become comfortable if you want to meet quality goals and chase deadlines.

You cannot ensure that your home-office is noise-free and out of others’ reach. If your office-space is a hangout zone or frequented by family and guests, it is definitely not fit to be an office. Digital transcription service requires you to be extremely focused, and you cannot guarantee focus in such an office space.

You cannot work in isolation. The prospect of working without a boss and colleagues sounds appealing initially but it may stress out some people. If you cannot work in an isolated environment, you should not work from home.

You cannot ensure HIPAA-compliance. The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) has laid some guidelines to ensure security and confidentiality of medical information. As a home-based digital transcriptionist, you have to take measure to conform to those. If you cannot, don’t work from home.

If the above-mentioned points don’t deter you, welcome aboard.